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Oil and Acrylic

Finding Delight in Color - Bob Way – Wed/Th/Fri, August 16, 17, 18, 9:00-4:00 - $156/$176/$195
This class reveals secrets even the old masters did not know. Students discover the source of all color, elevating their powers of observation to permit identification of hues hiding in plain sight. With this heightened skill, students are better able to replicate colors seen without the frustration of endless experimentation, memorizing formulas, recipes, and complicated color systems or “happy accidents.” Special focus is placed on assisting the artist to determine the most suitable pigments for producing paintings of quality and unfailing harmony. ½ hour lunch. ALL MEDIUMS


Oil Painting with Courtney - Courtney Herndon - Tuesday/Wednesday, August 1, 2, 9:00-3:30 $88/$99/$110 
We will be painting wet into wet, finishing at least one painting each day. This leads to an impressionistic style of painting, with a lot of thought to composition, values, and the use of color. We will learn to mix paints and be aware of their cool and warm tones. The result will be painterly impressions of photographs, yours, or mine if you wish. All levels.

Still Life in Oil (or Acrylic) - Harry Neely – Wednesday/Thursday, August 9, 10, 10:00-3:00 - $64/$72/$80
Still life paintings are popular. You’ll find them in fine galleries, homes and businesses. Chardin (1699-1799) is singled out as an icon of still life painting. His sense of design, composition and color has influenced artists from Cezanne, Picasso and even to us today. We still use many of Chardin’s practices. In this class you will follow some of those practices to make your still life painting outstanding. This is a class for oils but acrylics are welcome. Beginner/Intermediate

Abstract Acrylics with Tissue Paper – Debby Kline – Monday, August 14, 10:00-3:00 (30 minute lunch) - $39/$42/$45
If you have wondered about doing abstract painting, this is a class you will enjoy. We will put tissue paper on board then use that as the base for your painting. In the morning, I will demo how to apply the tissue paper and then you will apply tissue paper to a board. In the afternoon, I will demo completely the painting and you will complete a painting of your own.


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