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​Conquering the Mystery of Color
A Workshop with Laine Francis – March 5, 6, 7

This workshop will boost your skills and understanding of color. Students will focus on color mixing and gain knowledge of how color is perceived. Creating harmony, and unity is key to uncovering the mystery of color and how it is designed…This knowledge will take your artwork to a new level and you will see color as it was designed to be seen. Mixing color in practical exercises with a limited palette will help students gain knowledge and understanding.  
Full Members $275, Associate Members $300, Non-Members $325

Figures with Watercolor and Gouache
A Workshop with Kate Worm – March 26, 27, 28

Artists will explore unusual ways of applying gouache and watercolor to create beautiful figure paintings with a contemporary look. Working with a clothed model, the class members will paint with gouache and watercolor in an opaque manner, not in a traditional transparent way. The approach is contemporary using rollers, eyedroppers and scrapers to layer paint. Strong composition, good drawing and beautiful color harmonies will be emphasized. You may also paint with Oils. Full Members $275, Associate Members $300, Non-Members $325

Painting from your Photos - Laine Francis 
Oil, Acrylic - May 23-25, 2018

Full Members $275  
Associate Members $300
Non-Members $325

Painting Landscapes Jeremy Style - Jeremy Sams
Oil Acrylic and Watercolor - September 25-27

Full Members $350
Associate Members $385
Non-Members $410